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    • Sobe

      84 standardne sobe,
      20 apartmana i 1 soba
      za osobe sa posebnim potrebama

    • Galerija

      Pogledajte slike hotela,
      soba, restorana,
      banket sale,

    • Lokacija

      15 kilometara od međunarodnog
      aerodroma Nikola Tesla,
      6 kilometara od centra

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    • Wedding packages starting from EUR 20 per person

      Hotel’s offer includes restaurant reservation, buffet or set menu, unlimited domestic or imported beverage, table decoration and various presents for newly wedded.

      Presents for bridal pair:

      • Accommodation with breakfast for the wedding night in honeymoon suite
      • Dinner for the first wedding anniversary
      •  Free membership in “Putnik Sport & Spa” fitness center for one month (* depends on the chosen package).


      It is important to note that all wedding guests have free parking space at their disposal.