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    • Location

      Soviet District, 19/б Borsoyev street.
      BuryatBusiness Centeris located
      in Soviet District which
      is the central district of the city.

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    • Ulan-Ude

      Real estate market in Ulan-Ude

      BuryatBusiness Center is modern multifunctional business and hotel complex located in the center of Ulan-Ude which will become a symbol of real estate market in Ulan-Ude and whole Republic of Buryatia.

      Central location, easy access to all traffic arteries of the city, modern architectural and planning concept and construction technologies will be key advantages of this project, which has not got any analogues in the city.

      Due to positive economic dynamics, capital inflow into region and business development activities Buryat Business Center is able to meet all demand for modern business areas, considering general deficit of quality office space in the city.


      The capital of Republic of Buryatia

      Means “Red Uda” (the local river name) in Buryat language

      75 km– distance from Baikal lake

      5 519 km– distance from Moscow

      346,6 м² – total area of the city of Ulan-Ude  

      377 000 – population

      39% - percentage of the population living in Ulan-Ude compared to total population size of the Republic.

      Over 8 800 companies of various sizes and profiles work in Ulan-Ude

      М55 – federal road Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude -Chita

      15 km– distance between center of the city and International Airport Of Federal Importance Baikal

      Railway: the main route of Trans-Siberian railway leading to village Naushki (Ulan-Bator).

      Freeway: Federal Freeway Baikal М55 Irkutsk — Ulan-Ude — Chita; rouds to Kryaha, Kurumkan, Horinks, Zaigraev.

      Air transport: flights from international airport Baikal are performed by airline companies: Buryat Airlines, VIM-Avia, S7 Airlines, Transaero and Yakutia Air Company.

      There are daily flights to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Tokyo, Singapore and other cities in Russia,  CIS, Europe and Asia. Airport Baikal is also used as alternate airport for Irkutski and Chita.

      Ulan-Udeis large administrative, industrial, commercial, cultural and scientific center of East Siberia which invariably demonstrates positive dynamics of social and economical key indicators.

      Ulan-Udebecame attractive to investors mainly because of the fact that it represents junction spot of territorial and economic interests of Siberia, Far East and North Asia. City also represents large traffic junction which connects Transbaikalia with Mongolia, China, states of Asian-Pacific region as well as Russian Far East using the road and railway networks and international airport. The plan is to create a multimodal shipping and logistic center (MSLC) which will function as logistic, distribution and business center.

      Very important factor which influences the city development are Buriatia ethno-cultural characteristics, as the Republic as well as its capital are located on crossroad between west and east culture and represent a center of their interaction.  


      Economic base of Ulan-Ude make industrial companies. Developed financial infrastructure and increase of investments in the city economy create favorable atmosphere for development of the business and positively influence on growth of social and economic indicators.

      Mineral wealth and ecological potential of the region are important resources that create the base of long-term planes for development of Republic. Passing of the resolution on creating the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) “Baikal Harbor” on territory of Republic and exclusive economic tourism and recreational zone (EETRZ) served as a stimulus, not only for economic development of the region and involvement of the state budget assets, but also for involvement of private investments.

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