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    • "Baikal Harbor"

      "Baikal Harbor" is one of the most significant examples of a public private partnership in the sphere of tourism in Russia

      In early 2007, the Government of the Russian Federation approved a Resolution to create an exclusive economic tourism and recreational zone — “Baikal Harbor” — on the territory of Baikal Region in the Republic of Buryatia. Construction works began in September 2009. The general contractor doing the construction of the infrastructural objects in "Baikal Harbor” exclusive economic zone is Zapsibgazprom OJSC, managed by the METROPOL IFC.


      Ministry of Regional Development of Russia selected the “Baikal Harbor” exclusive economic zone project as an investment project within the implementation framework of the Russian-Chinese Cooperation Program. Under this program, the amount of investments into “Baikal Harbor” will reach RUR 38 billion.

      The sum of RUR 2.2 billion was allocated in the 2010 federal budget for the development of the tourism zone. For the first stage of construction, the “Turka” section, the federal budget has already provided more than RUR 1 billion. The total amount of investment by registered residents is RUR 3.3 billion. The high commercial attractiveness of investing into the exclusive economic zone is ensured by tax benefits for residents of “Baikal Harbor”. The special tax code permits the payment of reduced profit taxes, at a rate of 4.5%.


      In July 2011, the initial objects of the first stage of infrastructural construction for the “Baikal Harbor” exclusive economic zone are scheduled to be completed. Completion of this stage will provide the basic infrastructural elements for future residents and investors, such as the vertical planning of the entire territory, production capacities, engineering objects, administration and business complex with site improvements and a landscaped embankment. In 2011, all necessary conditions will be created for the moving in of residents and investors to “Turka” section and for the construction of tourism objects such as the mixed use all-season “Baikal Harbor” Tourist Complex.

      700,000 sq. m. - the total area of the exclusive economic zone

      2,000,000 tourists - is the planned future capacity of “Baikal Harbor”

      Mixed-use all-season “Baikal Harbor” Tourist Complex

      “Baikal Harbor” will provide a full range of hotel and tourism services in the “Baikal Harbor” exclusive economic zone, with the focus on holding business forums (including international meetings), concerts and sports events of the international level. The future location of the complex is Turka Bay on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal in the Republic of Buryatia. The tourist complex is distinguished by its unique design solutions, a unified architectural concept and inner space, environmental friendliness and convenient interiors. The complex will include the following objects:

      • Administrative and business complex and a modern congress center, capable of being transformed into a sports arena or a concert hall
      • A sea port with docking facilities
      • “Fishermen’s village” tourist complex of the hostel class
      • An international-class yachting club
      • Environmental friendly engineering infrastructure
      • Public amenities objects
      • Embankments, walking zones, a lighthouse, mini gardens, etc

      Companies of the METROPOL Group — Putnik Siberia, Fishermen’s Village and Baikal Harbor will perform the construction and ensure the operations of most objects in the mixed-use all-season “Baikal Harbor” tourist complex. All three companies are residents of “Baikal Harbor” exclusive economic zone.

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